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Achieving Financial Independence (AFI) Course

“How do I become financially independent and reclaim my time?”

You make your money work for you, rather than the other way around.

If you do it right, one day your investments pay you enough to cover your living costs.

That’s financial independence.

Then work becomes optional.

If you do choose to work, you decide where, when, with who and on what you’ll work, rather than feeling compelled to stay in a job you hate just to pay the bills.

Basically, you become master of your own destiny.

You’re time rich.

Great news: becoming financially independent (FI) is far less complex than it’s made to look.

You just have to stick to three rules:

  1. Save,
  2. Buy assets, and
  3. Avoid bad debt.

All it takes it a little education, and the willingness to have a go!

That you’re here tells me you’ve got the ‘willingness to have a go’ piece covered.

Now, you just need the education … and we’ve got that covered 🙂

The Achieving Financial Independence (AFI) course is the complete, independent financial education you didn’t get at school.

It’s going to help you learn to manage and grow your own wealth so you can become financially independent and time rich (FITR).




Who is this course for?

We created Achieving Financial Independence (AFI) for people who want to :

  • Discover the alternative to working your butt off for decades and retiring when you’re worn out.
  • Take control of how you spend your time and money to make them work for you.
  • Make saving and investing as painless as possible.
  • Manage your own financial affairs without needing a financial advisor or planner – or, at least, be a savvy enough customer to spot dodgy advice.

If you’ve read Money School (the book with Penguin Life) and you want to go deeper, and get more specific to your personal situation so you can apply what you’ve read, this is the course for you.


“After this course you feel that you’ve got the whole picture and that then you can start your action plan knowing what you’re after. Nothing before educated me about money like this course. I have a lot to do but I finally know where to start. A course like this should be universally mandatory!”

Nina Polo Marcellier, Language Consultant, New Caledonia




Who is this course NOT for?

Do NOT buy this course if you are:

  • Looking for specific recommendations on what investments to buy. We don’t make them, and we wouldn’t even if we were legally allowed (we don’t operate under a financial services license, being purely education focused). How you invest depends on you, in all your unique glory.
  • Interested in short-term trading strategies. We don’t cover them in any depth.
  • In financial stress. For those in debt, we recommend getting started with our free course on how to get out of debt BEFORE you consider this course.


What’s covered?

You’ll learn how to apply those three rules I mentioned above (save, buy assets, avoid bad debt).

The AFI course contains three modules:

  • Module 1: Manage covers how to manage your money so you don’t go into debt. You’ll learn about saving, planning (a.k.a. budgeting), earning actively and income tax.
  • Module 2: Grow covers how to create wealth through investing. You’ll learn about passive income, growth, yield, shares, property, borrowing and balance sheets.
  • Module 3: Adapt covers how to make sure your plans account for economic trends and your individual mindset (hint: believing in universal abundance is not compulsory!)

AFI is designed for adults, but you may find your teenagers enjoy watching this course too.

As you work through AFI, you fill in workbooks that become your own personal financial plan.

The course contains 23 videos totalling five (5) hours of viewing.

You can download the course outline here.


How is it delivered?

The course is 100% self-paced, pre-recorded online content.

After purchase, all the materials are there for you to watch as quickly – or as slowly – as suits you.

You’ll have access to the course for 12 months from purchase, which is plenty of time to slot in watching five hours of videos.


How much does it cost?

The Achieving Financial Independence course is an investment of A$397, including taxes and fees.

That’s a one-off, up-front fee. There’s no ongoing costs, no up-sell for coaching, no ‘next tier of education’.

You’ll get the comprehensive, independent financial education you’ll wish you’d had all along. Thank goodness it’s never too late to do better with your money!

Ready to take control of your money and start enjoying life now?

Here’s your chance!

See you on the inside 🙂


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