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Our Free Course on Debt

Why do we offer a free course on debt?

Because bad debt ruins lives.

Every time someone comes to us with a story of how they wracked up ridiculous levels of credit card debt at 18 years old, or how they lost both their home and investments due to unsustainable mortgages, it’s heartbreaking for us – not to mention the person that’s been through the wringer.

We decided to make this section of our course freely available for our subscribers, for three reasons:

1. Those who need it, can’t afford it

It would feel bad to ask you to use a credit card when we’d prefer you paid it off. So we’re taking away the excuses – now this training is free, you just need to commit your time to complete it.

2. Those who need it, can’t become financially independent

Having large amounts of consumer debt makes financial independence (almost) impossible. We hope that by helping you get debt-free, you’ll consider taking the next steps toward financial independence.

3. Young people need this knowledge

We want you to share this with the young people in your life – those not yet 18 years old – so they know how to avoid the woes of consumer debt. Imagine if you’d known how to manage debt BEFORE you got your first loan or credit card?

About the course

In the course you’ll find four videos and two worksheets, covering:

– Debt 101: how debt works, when it might be useful, why lenders want you to have debt and the difference between good and bad debt.

– How to get out of debt fast: a strategy for paying off your bad debt in a fraction of the usual time and for a fraction of the usual cost, without external help (e.g. debt consolidation).

– How to stay out of debt: three strategies to keep you out of the bad debt downward spiral.

“I’ve always been afraid of money thinking I just had to make more to get out of debt, little did I know that the gold is in the management of money and not just the making of it. The handouts attached to the course mean all the work is done for you and all you have to do is get disciplined and get it done.

HIGHLY recommend Money School.”

Nicky Thomas, Perth

CEO, Nicky Thomas Global

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