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Family Education Bundle

“Lacey, how do I teach my kids about money, especially when I’m not great with personal finance myself?”

Don’t worry – I’ve got your back!

Your child can learn essential personal finance skills, regardless of how ‘good’ – or not – you think you are with money.

You also don’t need to be a trained teacher.

Nor do you need to spend laborious hours creating fun, engaging AND educational content for your kids.

You just need a set of activities – games, simulations and real-life exercises – that you can use to show your kid(s) how money works.

That’s what the Family Education Bundle gives you: step-by-step instructions for raising financially savvy kids.



Who is this Bundle for?

We created our Family Education Bundle for parents (and aunts, uncles & grandparents!) who want the young people in their lives to:

  • Start off on the right financial foot.
  • Avoid common traps and pitfalls, like accumulating bad debt.
  • Grow up confident with money, using is as a tool to achieve their dreams.
  • Be able to support themselves financially as they move into adulthood.


“I’m trying to teach my 17 yo daughter about finances before she moves out of home next year, and what you have created is pure gold. As you well know, our school systems are sadly lacking on this front, so thank you to the moon and back for making the effort to create it. I wish I’d known about it years ago!”

Cate A, Parent



Who is this Bundle NOT for?

Do NOT buy this course if you are:

  • Looking for someone to teach your children directly without your involvement. We prefer the teaching comes from you, so you can add your own brand of values and ethics to the lessons.
  • Unwilling or unable to work through the course with your kid(s) …or niece, nephew or grandchild 🙂


What’s covered?

The Bundle contains two courses, each structured in three modules:

Module 1: Manage covers how to manage your money so you don’t go into debt. You’ll learn about saving, planning (a.k.a. budgeting), how to earn actively and income tax.

Module 2: Grow covers how to create wealth through investing. You’ll learn about passive income, growth, yield, shares, property, borrowing and balance sheets.

Module 3: Adapt covers how to make sure your plans are suitable based on economic trends and your individual mindset (hint: an abundance mindset is not compulsory!)

The technical theory for each skill is covered in the Achieving Financial Independence (AFI) course*.

It’s designed for adults, but you may find your teenagers enjoy watching this course too.

As you work through AFI, you fill in workbooks that become your financial plan.

AFI contains 23 videos totalling five (5) hours of viewing.

You can download the course outline here.

The practical activities you can use with your kids are covered in the Raising Financially Savvy Kids (RFSK) course.

Again, the videos are designed for adults, but they’re shorter and punchier, and specifically directed at applying the knowledge in fun and challenging ways.

As you work through RFSK, your kid(s) can complete the children’s workbooks to record what they’ve learned.

RFSK contains 18 videos totalling 1.6 hours of viewing.

*Note: the adult course (AFI) is optional content. If you feel you’ve got a good grasp of a particular topic, you don’t need to watch the adult lesson or complete the  AFI workbooks. BUT: we find lots of adults don’t feel 100% confident in their knowledge, so we’ve included it in the Bundle.


How is it delivered?

Both courses are 100% self-paced, pre-recorded online content.

After purchase, all the materials are there for you to watch as quickly – or as slowly – as suits you.

You’ll have access to the Bundle for 12 months from purchase, which is plenty of time to  watch seven hours of video total and get your kids off on the right financial foot.


How much does it cost?

The Family Education bundle is an investment of A$417, including taxes and fees.

That’s a one-off, up-front fee. There’s no ongoing costs, no up-sell for coaching, no ‘next tier’ of education.

Time to give your kid(s) – and yourself! – the gift of a comprehensive, independent financial education to set you all up for life.

Ready to raise financially savvy kids?

Here’s your chance!

See you on the inside 🙂


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Sign me up for Money School Family Education (MSFE) Member

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