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Investing Basics: Shares 101

“Lacey, why were you creating a course about shares in the middle of pandemic with a recession looming?”

Great question!

Because assets are on sale right now.

Buying undervalued, quality assets is how you get to financial independence quickly, and young people are uniquely placed to take advantage of these bargains.

For once, we might be the economic envy of the Baby Boomers!

With time on our side, astute asset purchases can set us up quickly:



Who is this course for?

We created Investing Basics: Shares 101 for people who:

  • Wish they knew about shares but don’t know where to start learning.
  • Think they’d like to buy some shares, but feel confused and overwhelmed as to how it’s done.
  • Hear common advice like ‘Buy blue chip shares!’ or ‘Purchase ETFs!’ and think ‘WTH does that mean?’
  • Want to  build their financial knowledge so they can make their own financial decisions.


Who is this course NOT for?

Do NOT buy this course if you are:

  • Looking for specific recommendations on which shares to buy, or how many to buy, or which trading platform to use. We don’t make them.
  • Interested in short-term trading strategies. We don’t cover them in any depth.
  • Looking for a software package or system to guide your trading, or do it for you. We wouldn’t touch that stuff with a very long pole.


What’s covered?

The course is one hour of videos, spread over eight lessons. In it, you’ll learn:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of shares – what can go wrong, and what can go right.
  • The mechanics of buying a share – trading platforms, placing a buy order
  • What’s meant by the four common adages we hear about shares:
    1. Buy blue chip
    2. Diversify
    3. Choose index funds
    4. Invest ethically


How is it delivered?

The course is 100% self-paced, pre-recorded online content.

After purchase, all the materials are there for you to watch as quickly – or as slowly – as suits you.

You’ll have access to the course for 12 months from purchase, which is plenty of time to slot in watching eight videos totalling one hour of viewing.


How much does it cost?

We’ve kept this one cheap and cheerful: it’s a A$9 investment, including taxes and fees.

Whether you plan to buy shares next week or next year (there’s no rush! This recession looks like hanging around for a while), it’s important to get some knowledge before you launch in.

Get those basics covered, so your chances of making sound financial decisions are better.

Ready to learn about shares? Here’s your chance! See you on the inside 🙂



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Sign me up for Investing Basics: Shares 101

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