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We all know someone who’s likely to have ‘get my finances sorted’ on their goals list for 2020, but might not be confident in how they’ll get there.

Enter you, giving them the ‘forever’ gift of a comprehensive, independent financial education from Money School:

For adults without kids

If that special someone is an adult without kids at home, you can gift them the Achieving Financial Independence online course for A$397, in which they’ll build their own financial plan and learn all the skills they’ll need to reach financial independence.

To gift Achieving Financial Independence to your special someone, click ‘Buy Now’:


For parents

If that special someone is also a parent, you can gift them the Money School Family Education package for A$417, which includes the Achieving Financial Independence course and the Raising Financially Savvy Kids course. They’ll get the skills they need to become financially independent, and tools for helping

To gift Money School’s Family Education to your special someone, click ‘Buy Now’:


What to expect: the Gift Process

Once you finish the transaction, check your inbox (and spam/junk, in case the email’s gone walkabout) for a message from asking you to:

  1. Complete the course registration on behalf of your special someone – you’ll need their full name and their email address, but don’t worry – we don’t email them, so we won’t be spoiling the surprise!
  2. Complete the gift certificate form – which will auto-generate a gift certificate that we’ll send you to print or email to your special someone, whenever you like (you can do it before Christmas if you want). That will come from, so keep an eye out for that email!

If you have any issues with the process or your email goes wandering, please get in touch with us via the Contact form on our main website (this is our course platform website).

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